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Il vostro distributore di skate

Centrano è un distributore europeo specializzato nella distribuzione di prodtti relativi allo skate

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Privacy Policy

Personal information
Centrano collects and stores your company information, when you create an account at Centrano. We register your company’s name, VAT number, full address, phone number, e-mail address, full name and gender of the contact person.

All data is collected with the single goal to be able to deliver your purchase to you. When we register personal information on our website, we always make sure to have your explicit approval to do this, as to ensure that you always know which data is collected and why.

All customer data when entered and transmitted to Centrano, is not encrypted. We do not store customer data encrypted, but on password protected computers. All our employees in our company have access to the data that is being registered. We do not register any other personal information about you. We do not pass on information to third parties.

E-mail address
Your e-mail address can be used to identify you in our system. We also use the e-mail address to send you newsletters.

We collect information about the traffic at, where we register how many visitors we have, where they’re coming from, which segments they visit etc. This data is not collected for the individual visitor, but only on the basis of the whole webpage. We cannot see your other surfing activities on the internet. We do not pass on information to third parties (we do however use for instance Google Analytics as an analysis-tool). We collect information about which products our visitors like the most. This information is used to improve our webpage. We can use information about your order to send you offers, except if you have not signed up for this feature. We will not sell or in any other way pass on information about your orders to third parties.

When using our webpage, cookies are stored on the visitor´s computer. Cookies allow us to improve our service to our customers. For instance, it makes it possible to improve our webpage or to customize advertisements/news to our visitors’ interests and preferences.

Our website uses cookies from Google Analytics and Centrano (shopping cart and login). You can always switch off the use of cookies in your browser. This makes it however impossible to complete your order on our website and severely influences the use of the internet in general.

Cookies are digital information packages, which internet pages save on your hard disk. Applied cookies cannot identify you as a person, but identify your computer, mobile phone etc. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain virus. Cookies can always be deleted in your internet settings.

Sensitive information when paying online
All entering of credit card information always happens on encrypted pages, just like the transmission of payment data (as demanded by the guidelines from Nets/Credorax). Centrano has at no point access to your sensitive credit card information. 

Your approval
When registered at Centrano, at any time you have the right to oppose the registration of data and you can demand to get access to the data, we have registered on you. These rights are granted following the Act on Processing of Personal Data. All enquiries about your registered data can be sent to us per e-mail. The data responsible is

By using Centrano’s website you allow us to register information as described here. Should we at a later time change our privacy policy, all changes can be found on this page.